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Welcome Anger: Boundaries, Breakthroughs, Movement, Manifestion

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Anger can be a difficult energy to work with but also a very powerful one. At its worst, it ends in violence or very painful disconnection or extreme polarization. At its best, it helps us with our boundaries, breakthroughs, movement/action, and manifestation.

If you didn't receive the support you needed during childhood to express anger respectfully, you likely learned to shut down your anger and become a "nice boy" or "good girl." Or, maybe you struggled with depression or found an outlet through rebellious behaviour. Perhaps, you suffered from migraines, self-hatred, or other debilitating consequences.

If the expression of anger from your caregivers was frightening or violent, the consequences would have been (or still are) all the more harmful and difficult to overcome.

Emotions are energies that need to move through our bodies. When we hold back the energies of our emotions, they become stuck in our bodies and create physical, psychological, and spiritual challenges. Fortunately, we have many tools that help us release stuck energy, such as breath, sound, movement, mindfulness, and more.

When I facilitate sound healing breathwork sessions, I start by explaining options for how to work with the various tools we have for releasing stuck energy. For example, breathing more vigorously through the mouth can have certain benefits for stuck energy, but sometimes breathing more gently through the nose is the right approach. It depends on various factors, such as the part of the body you're addressing, the emotions you're working with, and how strong and centred you're feeling.

Find all the information on my Sound Healing Breathwork events here.

Recently, I had the incredible experience of playing my sound healing music in a geodesic dome. The acoustics were outstanding. Here is how it sounded. You can find more videos of me playing in the geodesic dome on my Youtube channel and my Instagram page @road2compassion.

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