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Counseling Sessions

"Eric holds a compassionate space for me to access the sensations, feelings and needs in my body and find language for them. He has supported me through reclaiming many lost parts of myself. He has helped me find my voice and set healthy boundaries in my world. He has been an invaluable guide and support in fostering healthy intimacy in my life. I am a queer trans person and Eric has skillfully welcomed me as such. I am very grateful for his skilled facilitation!"  ~ Keath


“The depths of healing I’ve been experiencing in our work together is at a whole new level, and I’ve been deep into my path to wholeness for many years. I saw immediate results and changes in my romantic relationship, as well as my relationship to myself and my life. Eric holds an incredibly safe, sacred space. Thank you, Eric.” ~ Katelyn

Plant Medicine Sessions

“100% beyond my expectations. Ceremony with Eric has been one of the most educational and intimate experiences of my life. He carefully and skillfully walked with me to my edge and just beyond so I could grow in a way I had always imagined that I could. Eric engenders a kind of trust that is rare. A trust that is required for me to go to the places inside that I have avoided.

Something permanent has changed in my body and brain. I feel more integrated, focused, balanced and whole. My energy and attitude are elevated, even on the tough days. There is more of me to live my life with.  I fully recommend working with Eric and I will definitely go back again.” ~ Rob

“Eric brings a lot to his work as a psychedelic guide. Firstly, he is a skilled counselor, and he conducts both his journeys and pre-trip sessions with empathy, compassion, and attention to consent, which allowed me to feel really safe with him. Secondly, he is a talented musician and my journey wouldn’t have been the same without the live soundtrack he provided. It was an amazing experience to have the healing of the plant medicine combined with the sound-healing of the didgeridoo.” ~ Sarah

Plant Medicine Preparation and Integration Sessions

“Eric brings a rare and valuable depth of knowledge in Attachment Theory, Nonviolent Communication, Somatic Work, and plant medicines. He offered me profound guidance, held space and shared golden insights both before and after my journeys with Mother Ayahuasca.

My work with Eric allowed me to discover ease, love, and deeper trust when working with challenging and painful parts during my medicine work. He played a vital role in helping me integrate the vast and intense experience of the medicine so I could weave the gifts and wisdom into my daily life.

The integration and returning to daily life is where the beautiful and challenging work is. Eric is a brilliant guide along the medicine way, both before and after. I’m so grateful for my time working with him.” ~ Tressa

Professional Training

“Eric worked with our staff in an intelligent, compassionate, and fun way.  Every staff member was engaged and took something away to improve their lives and their work with our students and clients.  It was a day of professional development that challenged and grew our abilities with difficult situations and relationships as well as grew our ability to have more joy in our work and lives. The workshop was very connecting for our staff, with plenty of appreciation for how Eric kept us moving and laughing with games and activities. It was outstanding! We hope to work with Eric again soon.”

~ Sarah Cohen, Director of Human Resources, Eaton Educational Group

Public Workshop Testimonials

“I have been celebrating all that each of us gained from the weekend we shared with you. My life is enriched because of the ways the workshop helped me deepen my connection with myself. Wow!  I’m celebrating all the ways that you offer support, learning, and fun. When there’s fun I learn so much more than when there’s not, and I learned a great deal this weekend.” ~ Lillie Lentz, Victoria, BC

“Eric’s workshop was a unique blend of deep personal work and creative fun. I especially appreciated his warm, compassionate facilitation style, as well as his ability to apply his extensive knowledge of how the brain works to how we respond to interpersonal conflicts. I have taken many Nonviolent Communication workshops over the years, but Eric’s course gave me insight into why sometimes it seems like my brain can’t access the NVC skills that I have, and what to do when that happens.”

~ Laurel Collins, Victoria, BC

Professional Development Workshop/Training Testimonials

“After organizing Eric’s workshop for our school on another school’s recommendation, I was so pleased that he delivered more than I expected.  He walks his talk, was flexible, able to read his audience and was highly skilled in engaging them in reflection and honest conversation with each other about how we want to be as a school.  Many staff have come to me since stating they wished we had more time and hope to have him back.” ~ Sue Lamb, Community School Coordinator, Chatelech Secondary

“Eric is very open, kind, and relatable. He shares his own experiences which I really appreciated and related to. To start off, he broke down the brain anatomy in terms that we could all understand, explaining the different functions of the various parts. He then related that to our behaviour and how we could use this knowledge to our advantage.” ~  Jackie Dowling.  Business Education and Planning 10 Teacher, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary

Blog Categories

"Secure Attachment is there waiting to be excavated from the mire and tar of past hurts. We can rediscover it because it is hard-wired as a 'bonding blueprint' into our psycho-physiology. We just need to 'dust off the diamond' of our true 'in-light'-enment."

~ Dr. Diane Heller


Stumble with grace

This is not a race

Your destiny is patient

The healing takes the time

That it needs to take

And no amount of force

Will hasten it

~ Eric Bowers

Read the full poem here.



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