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It's Only Now

There is nothing

Quite like



Meeting you with my

Undefended Heart

There is no

Future in


Now is when I step right through

my story

I bow to the view

With these unglued eyes

They were stuck against

A picture of the past

They were fixed upon a fantasy

It’s only now that I can just be

With you

There is nothing quite like

Standing at the edge of my wall

After years of believing I was safest behind it

With the guards aiming their guns

At my heart and my soul

Screaming, “Halt! Don’t move a muscle.”

There is no future in fighting

No matter who wins

There is no relief in retreating

To a cell that I thought was my home

It’s only now that I can find out if my wings are still working

And if life and death are just pieces of a poem.

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