Closer: An Adventure In Unconditional Love

Updated: Mar 3

Fall flat on your face

There’s nothing like learning the hard way, sometimes 

But your soul is sitting there waiting

Waiting for you to embrace

The hard and the heavy and the helpless places

It’s your shadow collection, and it’s worth more than you know

Did you go inside when winter tried to show up early

Did you find a window when the birds stuck around

Did you love the ice and snow for no other reason than to get closer

No one knows where this is going

Have you heard the news

The part that you play is priceless 

We need you now, I need you now

And don’t believe everything you’re holding on to

The other side of the story is just beginning

Did you lose yourself in a painful past that pulled you under

Did you find your way out by the skin of your tears 

Did you love what’s left for no other reason than to get closer

Let’s fly in the face of perfection That is not a race we can win

Once we give up the finish line

We can make love with losing

A masterpeace in the unmaking 

A work of art that never ends  

A swansong of new beginnings 

Where the unprepared mind meets the edge of existence

Did you love your grip when you were trying to hold it all together Did you love being lost when you didn’t have a clue

Did you love unraveling when everything was falling apart around you

And everything was falling together

And everything was falling apart

And everything was falling together

And everything was falling

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