If you're looking to go deeper with your healing, the ceremony work I offer might be right for you. In my ceremonies, I use plant medicine, music, somatic work, and ceremonial elements to help clients find relief and freedom from their deeper issues.

The powerful healing properties of plant medicine combined with the therapeutic vibrations of music and the embodied integration of somatic work can make for a profound experience of healing. Ceremony healing often brings significant shifts to difficult physical, psychological, and emotional issues.

“100% beyond my expectations. Ceremony with Eric has been one of the most educational and intimate experiences of my life. He carefully and skillfully walked with me to my edge and just beyond so I could grow in a way I had always imagined that I could. Eric engenders a kind of trust that is rare. A trust that is required for me to go to the places inside that I have avoided. I feel more integrated, focused, balanced and whole. My energy and attitude are elevated, even on the tough days. There is more of me to live my life with.  I fully recommend working with Eric and I will definitely go back again.”

~ Rob

“Eric brings a lot to his work as a psychedelic guide. Firstly, he is a skilled counselor, and he conducts both his journeys and pre-trip sessions with empathy, compassion, and attention to consent, which allowed me to feel really safe with him. Secondly, he is a talented musician and my journey wouldn’t have been the same without the live soundtrack he provided. It was an amazing experience to have the healing of the plant medicine combined with the sound-healing of the didgeridoo.” ~ Sarah

"I have done two plant medicine journeys with Eric.  They have been significant experiences that have created positive shifts in the way I relate to my trauma. He created a beautiful therapeutic space with the music he plays (he played 4 instruments for me!!), his compassion, intuition, and responsiveness. Eric took seriously what I needed for emotional safety which is so integral to any trauma healing work. I am so grateful for the work we were able to do together." ~ Lisa

"My ceremony with you earlier this year had such a lasting impression that has meant so much to me, particularly in regards to really feeling a more liberated state of being." ~ Daniel

"Eric is a consummate professional for medicinal journeys. He provides a safe, supportive, and warm environment, and facilitates tremendous levels of trust. My experience was truly transformational. I saw and understood my ancestral trauma, which provided perspective and eventually resolution. 


Eric is quite the musician and played several instruments during my journeys. He also created a beautiful and supportive transition to and from my journey with music from many cultures throughout the world.  It's quite the experience and I recommend him highly without reservation."

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Research done on the healing effects of plant medicine has shown that it quiets or limits the default mode network (DMN) of the brain. One of the functions of the DMN seems to be keeping the gates closed on the unconscious mind. Both plant medicine and somatic processing therapies help quiet the DMN so that trauma stored in the unconscious can be accessed and integrated. See this Ted Talk and this one for more on psychedelic-assisted therapy and the research being done on its benefits.

Contact me at eric@roadtocompassion.com or at 604-442-8811 if you have any questions. I offer one free 15-minute phone consultation.

Open the door the serpent is here

Don’t be afraid to trust her now

Polish her fangs with the end of your sleeve

And follow her into your heart


It's a crash course in compassion

Widen the window

And watch the miracle display

Allowing for the final curtain

For all the hidden horrors

~ Eric Bowers

"We are here to help each other through this thing, whatever it is."

~ Mark Vonnegut.

Read the full poem here.




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