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Zoom Ceremonies

If you're looking to go deeper with your healing, the ceremony work I offer might be right for you. For zoom ceremonies, you have the option to use a small to medium dose of plant medicine. I incorporate music, somatic work, breathwork, and ceremonial elements during your ceremony.

The powerful healing properties of plant medicine combined with the therapeutic vibrations of music and the embodied integration of somatic work and breathwork can make for a profound experience of healing. Ceremony healing often brings significant shifts to difficult physical, psychological, and emotional issues.

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"The wound is the place where the light enters you."

~ Rumi

Stumble with grace

This is not a race

Your destiny is patient

The healing takes the time

That it needs to take

And no amount of force

Will hasten it

~ Eric Bowers

Read the full poem here.

"When a zoom ceremony with Eric comes to a close, I am always completely overwhelmed with gratitude for him.


I have felt deeply supported, seen, heard & protected in the most profound ways. Honestly, I’ve attended many ceremonies and there’s just nothing out there that is like how Eric facilitates.


Eric truly embodies intuition, presence & unconditional love. He works with instruments & his voice in a wide variety of ways that meet me exactly where I am and give me exactly what I need. He centers choice & encourages trusting the body’s wisdom in a way that fosters a deep sense of safety. He moves at a healing pace (slowly) & asks simple but powerful questions.


The entire experience of working with Eric has transformed me in so many ways. Overall, he’s helped me access deep memories in my subconscious mind that I previously could not access even when I desperately wanted to (I tried so many different things). He’s helped me clear toxic patterns and energies. I’ve been able to step more into my gifts and my true self than ever before. 


I am deeply grateful and humbled that I’ve crossed paths with Eric."  ~ Ria

Research done on the healing effects of plant medicine has shown that it quiets or limits the default mode network (DMN) of the brain. One of the functions of the DMN seems to be keeping the gates closed on the unconscious mind. Both plant medicine and somatic processing therapies help quiet the DMN so that trauma stored in the unconscious can be accessed and integrated. See this Ted Talk and this one for more on psychedelic-assisted therapy and the research being done on its benefits.

Contact me at or at 604-442-8811 if you have any questions. I offer one free 15-minute phone consultation.

"I have journeyed with Eric in person and across a thousand miles in another country. I am very surprised at how intimately accompanied I felt during my remote ceremony. With headphones and an eye cover, Eric's warm attention and skillful guidance felt so close and personal. His earnest prayer and intention for me to have the experience I needed to grow and unburden my heart were palpable in every breath, melody and rhythm. The sound quality over Zoom was clear, powerful, immersive and intimate.


With complete confidence I can now gather my friends and family at my home and let them benefit from a great medicine man. How grateful I am for Eric making creative use of technology that helps us to get back to the intimate and primal human relations that are foundational to my healing and my quality of life." ~ Rob

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