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The most important contribution you can make to your relationships and to the world is found through weaving together your inner healing work and following your dreams and deepest callings.

I offer somatic-based counselling sessions by video or in-person in Vancouver, BC. I also offer plant medicine sessions. Click here for more information on my approach or contact me at to set up an intake session.

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"Eric is a poetic writer with a clear passion for healing trauma. This book can change your life. Read it and look at your relationships, all your relationships, in a new light of understanding and compassion. I would recommend this as a powerful book for all healers/those healing."

~ Amazon review

About Eric

I am a white settler living on the unceded shared territories of Cheam, Seabird Island, Skwah, and Kwaw-kwaw-a-pilt Nations. I am implicated in Canada’s history of colonialism, and I am a beneficiary of the dispossession and subjugation of Indigenous peoples. I am committed to understanding the process of decolonization and cultural safety. 

I believe in the equal rights of people from every walk of life and challenge myself in various ways to be inclusive and supportive of those whose rights have been consistently ignored or abused. As an ally to groups that have historically been marginalized, I am committed to Anti-racist and Anti-Oppressive practices. 



I fell in love with the woman who introduced me to Nonviolent Communication (NVC). We married and became Certified NVC Trainers. My marriage taught me that, though good communication is an essential part of successful relationships, we need to go deeper into our bodies and into the wounds we carry from the past. We need to transform our attachment trauma and the unhealthy relationship dynamics we learned as children. After my marriage, I studied and trained in attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, and various somatic-based processes for healing trauma.



I believe we all carry some degree of attachment trauma from our childhoods. If you are having difficulty creating the kind of relationship you want, your unresolved attachment trauma is almost certainly a factor. 

I remain a passionate NVC Trainer and continue to teach professional development NVC workshops for various organizations. 


I am also a singer and songwriter, videographer, interviewer, and photographer under the name The Golden Repair. Most of my songs are informed and inspired by the healing work I've done for myself and my clients. You can find my interviews and videos on my YouTube Channel.


When I am not doing my Road to Compassion or The Golden Repair work, I help grow food and build community at the Abundance Community Farm where I live.


Find more of my videos here.


How healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics from childhood are stored in the brain and re-activated in adulthood.


Heart Warrior. Song and video produced by Eric Bowers, aka The Golden Repair. Finding the courage to heal.

Deepening Self-Connection Co-facilitated with NVC Trainer Jenna Card - Heart Spring Consulting, Online NVC Training, Coaching & Workshops

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