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Relational Economy

For me, a relational economy is one in which the relationship matters, the relationship between the parties buying, selling, trading, or gifting. In other words, the desire to contribute to and support the other through making an exchange matters more than the desire to get a good deal.

In a relational economy, there is a willingness to be honest about the needs and issues you have in regards to the exchange. 

My needs and issues: what I would like you to know about me.

Four years ago I published a book that brings together Nonviolent Communication (NVC), attachment Theory, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Shadow Work. For over thirteen years I have taught workshops and courses, first on NVC and then on NVC, attachment theory and interpersonal neurobiology. I have a keen interest in trauma, and for ten years I've supported clients to work through their deeper issues in my counseling practice. I have worked on my own healing for many years, with a concentrated effort to go deeply into my healing over the last eight years. I was certified as an NVC Trainer twelve years ago, and I have studied or trained in attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, somatic experiencing, family constellations, and Hakomi. To give you some perspective of the quality of service I provide, I have clients who are therapists and I have taught courses and workshops that have included therapists among the participants. I share all of this with you so that you understand why I ask for the fees that I normally request for my services ($130/hour).

If my requested fees are more than you can afford, please let me know an amount that feels right to you given:

your financial situation;

your anticipation of the value you will receive from my services;

what represents a commitment to you to fully engage in this work;

and my training in and dedication to the services I offer.

I am deeply committed to this work.

Sharing with me the needs and issues that are related to the amount you are able to offer is not required but is welcomed.

I save a certain number of spots in my client practice and in my workshops and courses for people who are not able to afford my requested rates. If I am unable to fit you in right away, I will put you on a waiting list. 


Thank you for participating in this relational economy experiment with me. 




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