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Sound Healing and Breathwork Sessions, In-Person or Online

Breathwork that is trauma-informed is a powerful process for integrating past trauma and releasing energy that is stuck in the nervous system.

The Breathwork I offer is designed to help you release emotions and energy stuck in your body from past traumatic or painful experiences. It also increases your capacity for conscious embodiment. I support you to go at a pace that is right for your nervous system. Pushing too hard with breathwork can disconnect you from your body and add stress to your nervous system. If difficult things arise that require more support, we pause the breathing process and shift to somatic therapy.


As I guide you through the somatic breathwork process, I use music and various instruments - drum, flute, guitar, overtone and throat singing, Sansula, etc. - to deepen the healing. Breathwork done with Sound Healing can open up an altered state that allows deeper healing to happen, similar to plant medicine ceremonies. As such, it is a good first step for those curious about plant medicine.

"In the past, I've tried breathwork but it felt forced and I didn't find it healing. With Eric's guidance, breathwork now feels natural and healing. I have even begun to use it outside of our sessions, which is a big breakthrough for me. Eric has a kind, gentle, and supportive demeanor that creates a safe space.  In this safe space and with Eric's accompaniment, I have had what felt like a mystical experience of healing."

~ Patricia

"I sought out Breathwork with Eric for treating my PTSD. I had some initial doubts about how it would work, but I was willing to try anything to make progress in my healing work. I've been surprised to see how deeply the roots of past traumas can be accessed through breathing. Eric's guidance is the key to going inward and untangling the complex tangle of conscious and unconscious linkages. I've worked with Eric in person, also via Skype and I have experienced the benefits of this work from both."

~ Ben

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