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Sound Healing Breathwork Journeys

"My main response when you told us that the ceremony was over was 'No!' I just didn't want it to end. The effect of your music on my entire nervous system was subtle and profound." ~ Shayla

" You have ruined some of the other breathwork methods and styles I regularly practice!  The live music and the information on breathwork you shared took my experience to a much deeper level." ~ Shane

My online Sound Healing Breathwork journeys are a place for people to come together to breathe, feel, heal and connect. All are welcome.


Before the journey begins, I will give a brief talk on some of the principles of healing

- resourcing, titrating, pendulation, etc. - and I will offer different approaches to working with your breath, voice, attention, and movement to gently open up and move through the tension and emotions stuck in your body.

The Next Zoom Sound Healing Breathwork Journey is

Saturday, July 17, 9 am - 10:30 am Pacific time 

12 pm to 1:30 pm Eastern time. Please join a few minutes prior so we can begin together on time.

No registration required. Simply join with this

Zoom link - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3060959980

Suggested Donation $5-$10

Please send your Paypal or e-transfer donation to eric@roadtocompassion.com.

Headphones, good speakers, or earbuds are highly recommended as is having an intention for your journey.

These monthly Sound Healing Breathwork journeys will be held at different times to accommodate different time zones. Stay updated on future sound healing journeys by subscribing to my newsletter here.

"I can't say enough good things about the sound healing journeys that Eric offers. The style and delivery really hit home for me. The quality of music, throat singing and toning really drop you into a deep and truly healing experience. The sound quality and tones have been mastered for zoom, so a quality experience from home is accessible to all." ~ Shane

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"I am a survivor of sexual assaults that were perpetrated by men, and I honestly never thought that I would be able to trust and work with a male practitioner, especially if the healing includes being in an altered state. I am so glad that I took the leap of faith. I have now done three ceremonies with Eric. It has been incredibly healing for me to experience what safety feels like in a ceremony and in the presence of a man."

~ Melanie (see full testimonial below)

“100% beyond my expectations. Ceremony with Eric has been one of the most educational and intimate experiences of my life. He carefully and skillfully walked with me to my edge and just beyond so I could grow in a way I had always imagined that I could. Eric engenders a kind of trust that is rare. A trust that is required for me to go to the places inside that I have avoided. I feel more integrated, focused, balanced and whole. My energy and attitude are elevated, even on the tough days. There is more of me to live my life with.  I fully recommend working with Eric and I will definitely go back again.”

~ Rob

“Eric brings a lot to his work as a psychedelic guide. Firstly, he is a skilled counselor, and he conducts both his journeys and pre-trip sessions with empathy, compassion, and attention to consent, which allowed me to feel really safe with him. Secondly, he is a talented musician and my journey wouldn’t have been the same without the live soundtrack he provided. It was an amazing experience to have the healing of the plant medicine combined with the sound-healing of the didgeridoo.” ~ Sarah

"I have done two plant medicine journeys with Eric.  They have been significant experiences that have created positive shifts in the way I relate to my trauma. He created a beautiful therapeutic space with the music he plays (he played 4 instruments for me!!), his compassion, intuition, and responsiveness. Eric took seriously what I needed for emotional safety which is so integral to any trauma healing work. I am so grateful for the work we were able to do together." ~ Lisa

"My ceremony with you earlier this year had such a lasting impression that has meant so much to me, particularly in regards to really feeling a more liberated state of being." ~ Daniel

As a highly sensitive person, I had to start my spiritual healing journey at a young age. I was always attracted to plant medicines. My first experience of plant medicine was in a group ceremony. It didn't go well because I absorbed everyone else's pain. When I work one-on-one with Eric, that never happens. I get to have all the space, energy, and attention focused on me. I get to co-create with him the environment that best supports my healing.


The other healing gift that Eric has is music. He gives you a live sound healing session during your ceremony. Every ceremony is better than the last because Eric continues to develop his musical talent. I am very sensitive to the vibration of music and Eric's is heavenly! When you work with Eric, you get to be serenaded during your ceremony. Yes, a personal concert!!


I wholeheartedly recommend Eric's services to highly sensitive people and to those who are curious about the healing powers of plant medicine." ~ Melanie